President’s Message

We would like to express our deepest gratitude for your continued support.
In 1999, the electronic components business of Nitsuko Corporation, which had been operating for more than 80 years, was spun off and established as Nitsuko Electronics Corporation.
Our head office and factory located in Suzaka City, Nagano, Japan.
We develop, manufacture, and sell film capacitors that are essential to the development of the electronics industry.
Our belief is “Customer First”.
This is not just a word; it is an attitude that we sincerely believe and put into practice. We believe that our customers are the reason we exist, and that our greatest mission is to provide value that exceeds their expectations.
“Customer first” is the foundation of all our activities. The source of our growth is valuing dialogue with our customers, understanding their needs, and always striving to meet them. We promise to build stronger partnerships by seriously addressing the issues and requests of our customers and providing them with trust and satisfaction.
All of our employees will strive to become an irreplaceable presence in the local community. We look forward to your continued support and guidance.

Nitsuko Electronics Corporation
Ryota Ikeda

Management philosophy

Nitsuko Electronics is committed ”Customer first”.
We challenge creation and innovation every day.
We contribute to the prosperous future society through the Electronics.

Certification obtained

Obtained ISO 14001 certification
registration No. JQA EM 0614

Obtained ISO 9001 certification
registration No. JQA QMA11708

Obtained IATF 16949 certification
registration No. JQA AU0413
IATF No. 0400381